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Your access to investing in quality loans to Dutch SMEs and professional real estate investors.

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Sourcing guaranteed by existing deal flow at related company
Outperformer in relation to other asset classes with an equal risk/reward ratio.
An asset class that creates additional diversification in your investment portfolio.
WDL SME fund
  • Loans to borrower with an average interest rate of 8,25%
  • Expected net return after costs of 6,7% per year
  • Fund size is € 40 - 80 M with approximately 60 - 100 loans,
  • Loans based on a proven cash flow of existing SME's or RE developers.
  • Through spread, partial collateral and a thorough selection and management a moderate risk profile is created.
Direct lending
  • Loan to SME's and real estate investors with interest between 6,0% and 7,5%.
  • Duration of the loans max. 5 years.
  • Own choice of propositions based on a thorough risk analysis by specialists.
  • Management by IT and specialists of WDL Kredietfondsen.
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WDL 1e Hypotheek Fonds
  • Leningen aan Nederlandse MKB ondernemingen en vastgoedbeleggers met een netto rendement van 5,75% zonder extra kosten
  • Instappen vanaf € 100.000,=
  • De fondsomvang is max. € 50 miljoen waaruit ongeveer 60-80 leningen verstrekt gaan worden
  • Leningen op basis van bewezen en gezonde cashflow van bestaande MKB bedrijven of vastgoedondernemers
  • Door een goede spreiding in leningen met als onderpand een 1e hypotheek ontstaat een leningenportefeuille met een zeer gunstige risico-rendement verhouding
  • "Skin in te game" en daarmee betrokkenheid fondsbeheerder
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WDL Kredietfondsen: the bridge between investors and borrowers

WDL SME Fund offers an alternative defensive asset class by creating a loan portfolio in the Dutch SME market. Risk is well-spread over 60-100 quality loans. In a moderate scenario, the expected yield is 6,7% a year.  Providing access to capital to healthy SMEs with acceptable risk profile, thereby putting capital to work in the Dutch economy.

WDL Kredietfondsen, as manager of the WDL SME fund, is fully specialized in SME- and real estate loans, offers the opportunity to make use of this specialism. WDL Kredietfondsen is able to link craftmanship to risk data, combined with an efficient process.

Selection, structuring and management by credit risk specialists with a proven track record. Based on a thorough analysis of business cases, markets and a proven cash flow of the borrower.

Current sales funnel via affiliated companie Financieringsfabriek with 150-200 successfully originated loans a year.
The fund manager is also active in Direct Lending making the team, IT and processes fully operational.

Who are we?

WDL Kredietfondsen is managed by 2 partners, Bart van der Wielen (CEO) and John Aartsen (COO), with each over 25 years of credit risk, restructuring- and consultancy experience. The team also consist of Maykel Hermanussen as account manager business, Maartje van Kollenburg as commercial office service and Bram Wouters as controller.

Additional general information

  • Fund Type & Stage: Debt fund Dutch SME’s.
  • Geography: The Netherlands.
  • Closed FGR (Community Account Fund).
  • Commitment status:  € 40 M first closing Q3 2023. Final closing Q3 2024.
  • Minimum investment per investor: € 1.000.000,=
  • Duration of the fund: 6-7 years.  
  • There are no interim options to make the investment liquid before duration.
  • An investment outside AFM supervision.

Interested in a non-binding introduction to WDL Kredietfondsen?

For a non-binding introduction to WDL Credit Funds, please contact Bart van der Wielen on 06-38904336.

Or mail